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OCN-SIM FLEX v0.1 Alpha Release

Dear All,

after count­less hours of work, I am glad to announce the first release of a devel­op­er pre­view of the sim­u­la­tion toolk­it OCN-SIM FLEX — a tool for the approx­i­mate dynam­ic sim­u­la­tion of ful­ly sub­merged flex­i­ble mar­itime struc­tures (e.g. moor­ings, buoys, towed vehi­cles, nets and fish­ing gear). The asso­ci­at­ed user man­u­al is released as part of OCN-ED and con­tains the doc­u­men­ta­tion of the actu­al soft­ware as well as a the­o­ry ref­er­ence con­cern­ing ide­al­ly flex­i­ble mar­itime structures.

Down­load the tool and the doc­u­men­ta­tion source from GitLab:



You can also down­load the man­u­al in pdf for­mat directly.

>>> christoph